Gulf Coast Cowboy: September 23rd

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! We've got a surprise for you this week! We'll be interviewing two of our favorite Trop Rock singer/songwriters, Mark Mulligan and Sunny Jim! We'll be discussing their new CDs, White Sand, Warm Sun, and Salty H20 and Rum Shoes. We'll also be discussing their upcoming tour dates together! Tune in to KBEC at 7pm on Wednesday, September 23rd.



Track Listing

1. Red Red Wine and a Lot Of One Love - Mark Mulligan

2. Rum Shoes - Sunny Jim

3. Corona Sunset - Mark Mulligan

4. Mikala - Sunny Jim

5. White Sand, Warm Sun, and Salty H20 - Mark Mulligan

6. Kiss - Sunny Jim

7. Well Wasted Time - Mark Mulligan

8. Afterglow - Sunny Jim

9. Simplify - Mark Mulligan

9. Redneck Yacht Club - Thom Shepherd