Gulf Coast Cowboy: September 16th

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week we are headed to the beach again to find our “mortal soul” but to leave behind our limited mind… Tune in Wednesday, September 16th for your "out of body experience".

Track Listing

1. Something To Beach About - Dennis Davis

2. Bar On A Beach - Jambo Joe Jones

3. Come Down To Paradise - Key West

4. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (Live) - Jimmy Buffett

5. Last Day On The Island - Dani Hoy

6. Sand In Her Shoes - Thom Shepherd

7. Back To The Beach - Mike Aiken

8. I Wish I Owned An Island (That Could Travel The Sea) - Don Middlebrook and Living Soul

9. Beaches Are Empty - Gary Seiler

10. Parrothead For The Day - Cedar Island Band

11. Life In A Beach Town - Mark Mulligan

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