Gulf Coast Cowboy: September 2nd

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week there's so much to deal with: new school year, not enough time to go fishing and Hurricanes. Well we deal with them all during this week’s GCB show.  We will find a way to make it through all the madness. Tune in to KBEC on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7pm for your weekly dose of the beach!

Track Listing

1. School Boy Heart - Jimmy Buffett

2. When Life Is Floundering (It's Time To Go Fishin') - Dennis Davis

3. Girl With A Fishing Rod - Kelly Parkes

4. Sunny Disposition - Jose Latour

5. Hurricane - Kris Delmhorst

6. Hurricane - Rick Steffen

7. Hurricane Party - JRobert

8. Tropical Breeze - Pirate Dreams

9. Fat Guy In A Hawaiian Shirt - Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band

10. Latitude Adjustment - Latitude

11. Everybody Wants To Be Jimmy Buffett - Eric Stone

12. Ocean Waves - Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band

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