Live In Texas: Bart Crow Band Brewster Street Live

Bart Crow brings his band to play before his hometown fans, including his parents and his sister Tami (who gets a song about her in the set list), at Corpus Christi's Brewster Street club on this concert recording. Although that band, with its two-guitar, bass, drums lineup, would seem to suggest guitar rock rather than country, and its music really is pop/rock, Crow's twangy Texas accent lands him in the country category. Join us on Thursday, September 3 at 7pm on KBEC to hear the entire record.


Track Listing

1. Drift'n in the Wind
2. She's the Only Reason
3. Run with the Devil
4. Understand
5. Hollywood
6. Broken
7. Traded It All for Love
8. Tami
9. All I Need
10. Change
11. Say'n Goodbye
12. Some Days I Don't
13. I Still Think About Her
14. Wear My Ring (Little Angel w/the Bottle)
15. Backdown
16. Not Going Crazy! [*]