Live in Texas: Old 97's

This week's Live In Texas is the Old 97s, they are an alternative country band from Dallas, Texas, our backyard. Tune in Thursday, May 21st at 7pm to hear the entire Grand Theater: Volume 2 record!

Here's a quick intro to the Old 97's: they are an alternative country band from Dallas, Texas, our backyard. They formed in 1993, and have been recognized as pioneers in their genre during the mid to late 1990s. The band consists of Rhett Miller, lead vocals rhythm guitar and lyrics, Murry Hammond, bass guitar, Ken Bethea, lead guitar and Philip Peeples on the drums. They have since released eleven studio albums, two full extended plays, shared split duty on another, and have one live album.

Their were a popular bar band, touring around the country after they released their first album when they caught the attention of Bloodshot Records in Chicago. They signed to record their next album and were then signed to record their next record with Elektra Records. They are praised on being an excellent live band, claiming to never practicing their act before hand. Unfortunately, they never have reached the level of publicity thought by the music press. They were ranked 176th greatest song "Since You Were Born' by the Blender magazine with their most successful single, "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)". Their music has recently appeared in a number of movies and TV series, including, The Break-Up, Ed, Scrubs, and Veronica Mars.

Track Listing

1. Brown Haired Daughter

2. I'm a Trainwreck

3. Perfume

4. The Actor

5. No Simple Machine

6. White Port

7. Ivy

8. Manhattan (I'm Done)

9. Marquita

10. Bright Spark (See What I Mean)

11. Visiting Hours

12. How Lovely It All Was

13. You Call It Rain



  • (1994) Hitchhike to Rhome
  • (1995) Wreck Your Life
  • (1997) Too Far to Care
  • (1999) Fight Songs
  • (2000) Early Tracks
  • (2001) Satellite Rides - #121
  • (2004) Drag It Up - #120
  • (2005) Alive & Wired
  • (2006) Hit by a Train: The Best of Old 97's
  • (2008) Blame It on Gravity
  • (2009) Wreck Your Life... And Then Some:
    The Complete Bloodshot Recordings - #85
  • (2010) The Grand Theatre, Volume One
  • (2011) The Grand Theatre, Volume Two
  • (2012) Too Far to Care: Expanded Edition
  • (2013) Old 97s & Waylon Jennings
  • (2014) Most Messed Up